Friday, May 31, 2013

History of Superman in film Part 1 Ep. 45

With the Man of Steel coming out soon, it was time to cover the history of Superman in cinema. He was an instant hit from the moment of his creation. It wasn't long before the cinema demanded his appearance. He's been a constant feature on the silver screen for the past 70 years.

In episode 45, I cover the history of Superman from the Fleischer cartoons to the Adventures of Superman television series to Superman: The Movie to Turkish Superman.

In episode 13 and 14, I covered the history of Batman in film.

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Enjoy episode 45!

Fleischer Superman Cartoons

Superman (1948)

Atom Man vs Superman

Superman vs the Mole Men

Adventures of Superman

Superman: The Movie

Turkish Superman

1 comment:

  1. LOL, brain fart, you say that "Alan Kirk" played Lois' dad in SUPERMAN -- it's Kirk Alyn. I know you know better. :p